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Reclaimed wood furniture: 5 reasons why we think you should choose teak!


Theres something incredibly beautiful about wood, especially when buying or even making furniture as we do at Chattels. Without question there are cheaper or more longer lasting man-made materials, but wood, especially teak, brings a warmth and style that is both attractive and durable. In these austere times we all need to stretch our budgets further, so finding high-quality furniture made with reclaimed wood is a great way to do exactly that whilst adding style to your home and also helping the environment. These days, shabby chic furniture can easily be combined with reclaimed teak to show off your home with some incredible style. Lets take a look at the 5 key benefits of choosing teak over other types of wood.

The first key benefit of teak is its environmental credentials. Teak wood is derived from mature, tropical teak trees, which have a natural ability to defend themselves against fungus, parasitic insects (that thrive on other wood) and dry rot. These might not sound like environmental concerns but they are. Teak furniture doesn't warp or rot and because of these innate qualities, teak furniture lasts so much longer than comparable furniture, meaning you wont need to replace it as often. Because of this, the better, reclaimed wooden furniture tends to be teak and can be enjoyed for longer.

Teak is a very strong, tough and sturdy hardwood. You might think all woods are created equally, after all wood is wood, but that is not the case. As mentioned above, teak doesnt warp or rot, making its strength and durability a key asset, especially when used for garden furniture. This is particularly useful in the UK thanks to our predictably unpredictable seasonal weather.  When youre looking for new or reclaimed furniture for your patio, think teak!

The third incredible benefit of teak is important when you choose to buy furniture made with reclaimed wood or shabby chic furniture. Teak brings with it very low maintenance costs. You want your wooden furniture to look as good the day you buy it as the day you decide to change it. With teak, this can be years, if not decades, after you bought it. Teaks natural durability and strength means that you dont have to spend time repainting, re-staining or re-varnishing it every year. Of course, you can, but the quality of teak as a hardwood means that it will look great from day one!

If you can design it, then chances are teak is the best choice to make it. This means that teaks fourth benefit is its sheer versatility. Teak works perfectly for large pieces of garden furniture, reclaimed or shabby chic furniture, but it is equally at home in your home. It looks great turned into a bedside table, a dresser, a kitchen table or anything you can imagine. Its natural colour and texture means making beautiful furniture from teak is easy to do and a joy to look at.

At Chattels we love Teak. Its eco-credentials, strength, low maintenance costs and versatility all lead to the final benefit of teak. We hope you decide, over time, to swap all your wooden furniture to teak and your home and garden becomes a teak lovers dream. If you do, youll need its final benefit, the ease of cleaning. Thanks to modern finishing techniques, teak can be cleaned with a simple wipe to restore its natural glory. Sign up to our newsletter today using this link: and youll receive our complete guide to caring for your furniture made with reclaimed wood, youll also receive a special discount on all our furniture when you sign up. Beautifully simple.

Next time youre shopping for wooden furniture, try and pick a piece made from teak. You may find cheaper, but you wont find better. Teak has everything youre looking for and your home will look so much better for it.

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