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How to mix Shabby Chic style in to your home


Furniture, like fashion or food, goes through trends. What might be bang on the money today, wont be tomorrow. Thankfully, its fair to say, furniture doesnt suffer to quite the same extent as your clothing wardrobe but it does have rules. It brings to mind the quote from Yves Saint Laurent; fashions fade, style is eternal. If youre looking around your home, seeing a host of different styles failing to mesh together and wondering how to make them sit comfortably together, then dont worry. We have just what you need to turn your home into a paradise of style. There are some great ways to mix your favourite design styles together that works, particularly shabby chic furniture which is one of the most adaptable ranges out there. Lets take a look.


For the most part, shabby chic furniture is made with reclaimed wood, which may not sound like cutting edge design, but it does offer you the opportunity to complement almost every other piece of furniture you own. Shabby chic furniture, or any reclaimed wooden furniture in fact, is at its best when it blends perfectly with modern pieces. That said, there are ways to make sure youre hitting the right design notes. Contrasting contemporary and vintage styles brings both a freshness and an effortless style to your home. To achieve this, its best to be clear about what youre trying to accomplish. Throwing every popular design choice at a room wont showcase your style in anything like the way you want. For starters, we would recommend that your larger pieces of furniture are modern, including your sofa and armchairs. These types of furniture take a beating over the years, so trying to buy older pieces of this size in good condition can be a fruitless task. Instead, buy modern sofas but aim to accent these with shabby chic pieces, such as side or coffee tables. This will create an incredible mix of the two that works beautifully.


By their very nature, shabby chic furniture isnt perfect. Its those imperfections that make people fall in love with them, us included!. It might sound obvious, but bear this in mind when shopping for your next piece. Its quirky nature often works best when put against something with very definite clean lines and modern stylings. Contrasting styles really helps to draw the eye to its differences and makes for a much more interesting scene, particularly in bedrooms. To highlight this, why not check out our beautiful bedroom furniture collections, all made from reclaimed wood here;


One other great way to mix shabby chic into your home is to utilise pieces in areas around the house where they wouldnt traditionally be found. You could, for example, add a dresser to your entrance hall (size permitting obviously!) to create a focal point for friends and family as the arrive. It also works very well by adding contrasting colours. If, for example, your bathroom is predominately white, you can add pieces that accentuate themselves through their use of colour. Perhaps consider our wall hung cupboard? This adds a beautiful contrast, not only of style, but adds clarity to the piece through sympathetic colours.


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