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Why buy reclaimed wood furniture?


When it comes to furniture, the choices available to us nowadays are simply astounding. Everything from budget-friendly flatpack furniture to high-end classical pieces that can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. Here at Chattels, we believe that there is a place for everything, for every budget and for everyone. As you probably know, we love reclaimed wooden furniture and here are our favourite reasons for buying it.


Were happy and proud to say that, in recent years, the popularity of reclaimed wooden furniture has increased massively. We believe its one of the most beautiful ways of creating and enjoying furniture. There are so many benefits to owning it, we thought it was high-time we shared them with you. One of the key reasons we sell it and you buy it, is its environmental sensibilities. With the rate at which forests are being destroyed, buying anything made from reclaimed wood makes perfect sense.  Because of the impact deforestation has on the environment, there are benefits that affect us locally and globally. Reclaimed wooden furniture allows beautiful furniture to be created without the need to cut down any more trees that provide shelter, reduce soil erosion, cools the air, absorbs carbon dioxide and releases pure oxygen. Obviously it came from a tree initially, but because it reuses existing materials to create something new, no more damage is done to the environment and its green credentials are clear. It also ensures a more sustainable product can live on longer in your home, and many others, for years to come.


If you watch the news or read the papers, youd be forgiven for thinking its a fairly corrupt world that we live in. The fact is that generally only bad news is news, so if youre wanting extoll your own ethical credentials and give something back, then reclaimed wooden furniture is a great way to do that. The reason is that youre never going to be quite sure where the wood in new furniture came from. Wood imports from China have increased massively in the last decade and China is the route that much of the illegally logged wood from Burma, Madagascar, DR Congo, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia passes. UK actually imports more illegal timber than another European country because of the sheer number of imports we allow, driven by the demand for cheap furniture. Buying reclaimed furniture is a sure way to ease this burden and get yourself some beautiful furniture to boot.


The final reason (for this article, not overall) for buying reclaimed furniture is often the main reason many people buy it. Reclaimed wooden has a history that is unique to every piece. In a world of duplicated, mass-produced items, a piece of beautiful furniture that has history, has a story behind it, makes it incredibly endearing to many people. Having an aged, distinct look gives reclaimed furniture a real character to it that cant be found elsewhere. The imperfections it displays are part of its charm, rather than faults. Dont think that reclaimed furniture is all rustic, the list of styles and designs it can adapt to is incredible. For some, it would be indistinguishable from brand new furniture youd buy anywhere.


If youre ready to buy your first piece of reclaimed wooden furniture, or maybe youve bought many, the team at Chattels are here to help. Just browse the site, give us a call or drop by our store where our friendly team will be more than happy to show you around. Why not stay up-to-date with what were doing at Chattels by signing up to our newsletter today using this link.

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  • Nick Brake