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5 Things To Look For When Choosing Furniture Online


The internet has revolutionised the way we live and shop. From how we keep in touch with friends to the way we buy almost anything online. Gone are the days of simply ordering a new CD or the latest best-seller. In the 21st century, technology means you can order pretty much anything you can think of, from anywhere in the world, to be delivered directly to your door. Whilst many people can be put off from buying large items, like furniture, that they cant physically interact with, the smart money knows that, with a little knowledge and insight, there are many great deals on some incredible furniture just waiting for you. If youre looking to buy a new piece of furniture, including reclaimed wooden furniture, then here are a few tips of the trade on what to look for before you hit that order button.


Wooden furniture can be a beautiful thing. The care taken by the craftsmen who designed and built it really do make it stand out from its mass market, flat-packed distant cousins. When choosing quality wooden furniture, pay particular attention to the joints. The joints can be, literally, what holds the furniture together, so they are vital to the solidity of the piece. When looking at the joints, pay close attention to them; i.e. do they look well made? Also, check that they meet closely on all edges. Remember that wood is anisotropic, meaning that its material properties are different along different dimensions, so the joint is crucial to an enduring piece of wooden furniture, whether reclaimed or not.


If the piece of furniture youre looking at buying has drawers, then they will form an important part of the look and the structure of the unit itself. The drawers have their own set of foibles which can make, or break, your decision. Are they made from the same material as the main unit? The outer frame may be solid wood, but are the drawers? Some manufacturers will cut costs on the quality of the wood used in drawers, so pay extra attention to them as they will work so much harder than the rest.


Of course the biggest decision you may have to make is what the piece is actually made of. At Chattels, were a huge fan of wooden furniture, especially reclaimed wooden furniture, but it isnt your only choice. Pay careful attention to which materials have been used in its construction. Is it solid wood, laminated wood, or a mixture of both. Each will have its own characteristics that should be thoroughly evaluated before making the decision, but it doesnt stop there. Is the wood hard or soft? If the piece is going to be well used, like a table or chest of drawers, then a hard wood will be better long term. Check that the surfaces are scratch resistance or, at the very least, any wear and tear that does occur wont be too obvious or detracting.


The finish on the furniture you fall in love with is very important too. Over the first few years of its life, you need to consider whether it will be easy (or difficult) to maintain. Longer term, as your decorative preferences may change, the finish becomes even more important. If youre wanting to change the look of it to fit in with your new tastes, ask yourself a question. Will the finish it has now allow you to stain, paint or varnish it easily in the future? Thats the joy of reclaimed furniture, it changes with your tastes.


The last thing to look for is all those little details that seem inconsequential, but actually play a huge part in how you feel about it. When it comes to furniture, those little details are the nuts and bolts, the hinges and handles that accentuate your furniture. Look at them to make sure they are in keeping with the style of furniture youre buying. In basic terms, do they go!. Also, look whether they all match each other. For the nuts and bolts on the item, are they suitably coloured to match the piece and blend into the wood, ironically whilst were telling you to look at them, you actually what people not to look at them for that same reason.


The easiest place to find those beautiful wooden furniture pieces youre looking for is here at Chattels. Everything we sell meets with the exceptionally high standards you would expect them to. Dont be dissuaded from getting yourself a beautiful, quality piece of reclaimed furniture online or in store. Follow our simple guidelines and youll be admiring it in your own home for many, many years to come. Dont forget you can always stay up-to-date with what were doing by signing up to our newsletter today using this link. We hope to hear from you soon.

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